Mediterranean Diet Linked to 23% Reduction in Women’s Early Mortality 

United States: The benefits of the Mediterranean diet have long been praised by experts, and a recent study finds that it reduces the odds of an early death in women by 23 percent, this kind of food really helps in living a healthy life. 

Expert Insights

“Our study advises women to watch their diet if they want to live longer,” said Dr. Samia Mora, senior author of the research and resident at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. 

According to Mora, a cardiologist and the hospital’s director of the Center for Lipid Metabolomics, “the good news is that following a Mediterranean dietary pattern could result in about one quarter reduction in risk of death over more than 25 years with benefit for both cancer and cardiovascular mortality, the top causes of death in women [and men] in the US and globally.” 

Healthiest Diet Endorsed 

Nutritionists have long regarded the Mediterranean diet as one of the healthiest diets. 

Its primary source of fat is olive oil painting, and it’s primarily dependent on shops( nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes). 

Swillers tend to stay down from reused foods, red meat, sticky refections, and flesh in favor of eating fish, flesh, dairy, eggs, and dairy products in temperance. 

As part of the ongoing Women’s Health Study, further than 25,000 actors were followed for further than 25 times in terms of health issues. 

At the time of enrollment, every woman in the study was considered healthy.


Long-Term Study Findings 

In addition to discovering that women who carefully followed a Mediterranean diet had about a 25% lower risk of dying throughout the study period, the study also revealed a decrease in fatalities related to cancer or heart disease. 

The Boston researchers discovered that women who most closely matched the Mediterranean regimen had a 20% reduced chance of a fatal cancer and a 17% lower risk of dying from heart disease than those who hadn’t followed the diet. 

So how does the magic of this diet happen?  The effect’s potential causes were investigated in great detail by the researchers, including metabolic variables. 

Understanding the Benefits 

Authors report that women following a Mediterranean diet showed positive improvements in biomarkers related to inflammation, insulin resistance, metabolism, and more. 

“Our study offers important implications for public health: adhering to a Mediterranean diet can result in significant long-term benefits from reducing risk factors for metabolic diseases, especially those associated with inflammation, triglyceride-rich lipoproteins, small molecule metabolites, obesity, and insulin resistance.” Study lead author Shafqat Ahmad stated as much in a hospital news release.